Our Story

Our story begins with a personal connection. Wylie & Finn, Dave’s two grandsons, are Asperger’s Kids. "We’ve experienced the priceless support of health care organizations so we wish to give back." SickKids in Toronto is recognized as one of the world’s foremost paediatric health-care institutions. SCAA delivers front-line emergency care to the remote communities of Scotland and is funded solely by donations.

In 2014, Dave McElroy and Chris Elgar will circumnavigate the globe in their Comanche PA24-180.

John Cameron, CEO of Terramec, joins Dave McElroy and flyRTW80 from Israel to Singapore

John Cameron

Project FlyRTW80 is pleased to announce that John Cameron of Toronto, CEO of Terramec Services International Ltd., an Estates Planning and Philanthropy organization, will be in the right seat of C-FYHU for the 5,200 nautical mile leg of RTW80, from Israel to Singapore, for 13 days in May/June.

John is delighted to be involved in this splendid globe-circling adventure to raise funds for Sick Children’s Hospital, and specifically for the cause of autism.  His family has rallied for Sick Children’s by providing $25,000 dollars, and will applaud John as he pays further dues by donating his time and expenses flying with Dave McElroy through Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, India and Thailand, and on to Singapore.

As a young man John joined the Royal Canadian Navy, and was to fly from HMCS Bonaventure but for a middle- ear problem.  After a full naval career in ships and on land, John later decided that enough was enough – and took on the air as well.  In his seventy-first year John first soloed, in a Cessna 152.  Now with over 100 hours logged, John will really learn to fly – with mentor and pilot-in command Dave egging him on.  “Always ready for a new challenge, I know that on my return in June it’ll be easy to answer that trite question ‘Hey, John, what’s new?’ ”.  In exchange for a donation to Sick Kids, I’ll answer that question – for each family member and friend who asks it.

For John this is the opportunity of a lifetime – to do well by doing good.

Flight tracking for flyRTW80 provided by Global Telesat Communications (GTC) – DeLorme inReach

CTCwebFlight tracking will be provided by Global Telesat Communications (GTC) of Poole, UK. GTC supplies a range of portable satellite voice, data and tracking solutions which provide communications services in areas of the world where regular methods of communication do not exist or are limited. These solutions include handheld satellite phones, personal and asset tracking devices and portable high speed broadband terminals, all of which work almost anywhere on the globe. GTC have provided a DeLorme inReach for flyRTW80, a handheld award-winning satellite communicator that uses the Iridium global satellite network to enable 2-way personal and SOS communications and remote Follow-me/Find-me tracking and location, anywhere in the world. This satellite tracker will transmit the location of C-FYHU every 10 minutes as it travels around the world, and these position reports will be available for all to see through GTC’s online mapping portal, which will be embedded into the flyRTW80 website. Full information on the inReach tracker can be found on their website.

Henric Endoff comes aboard FlyRTW80 at Perth Scotland and Agenda supports SCAA

AgendaProject FlyRTW80 is pleased to announce that Henric Endoff from AGENDA Business Development will join Dave from Perth, Scotland as FlyRTW80 crosses Western Europe to Crete.

Henric has spent years flying around the world – but usually in either a Boeing or an Airbus and as a passenger.  By late last year, becoming bored with moving around in only the two-dimensional environment on his own efforts, he made a decision to conquer the third axis by taking up flying.  He is hard at work toward his private pilot license and expects to achieve that by early autumn.  The 15 hours he will tote up as co-pilot flying across the UK, France, Italy and the Mediterranean will serve as a major uplift in his flying experience as he will be introduced to both long distance and international aviation.


Said Henric: “I am a passionate outdoorsman, and am involved in a Scottish rural business.

So it made perfect sense to make a meaningful contribution to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.  Who knows – next time, it could be one of our guests – or even myself – who may require emergency transport out of the hills in order to get immediate qualified medical assistance.  Furthermore, the whole event provides an excellent opportunity for AGENDA’s global wood products consulting business to gain valuable exposure around the world.”

Sidey Ltd supports FlyRTW80

SideyEstablished in 1932, Sidey is a UK market leader in the manufacture, supply and installation of energy efficient windows & doors. Award winning and highly accredited, Sidey supplies and installs curtain walling, conservatories, kitchens and EasyTurf™.  Sidey customers are assured quality in the knowledge that the company is strong, reliable and sustainable and invests not only in its employees but also in the communities in which it works.   Sidey is committed to putting its customers first, always, and takes pride in everything it does.  www.sidey.co.uk

Open Day at Perth Airport

Sunday, March 30, 2014  - 1 pm – 5 pm

A big THANK YOU to all who participated.

Despite the disappointing weather cards we were dealt, WE RAISED OVER £3,000 FOR SCAA.  This is more than enough to save the life of someone in the near future.  That someone could well be a friend, family member, customer or supplier of one of you who so selflessly helped to organise the event and deliver a fun day despite the contrary behaviour of the weatherman.

The music, the auctions and the tombola were all great, the mood was positive and all of us who were on hand had a great time despite the fact that scarcely an aircraft engine was heard.

Our thanks go out to all who contributed including many of the people from:

  • The Scottish Aero Club – members came through in quantity, and grand style, to make it look easy
  • ACS Aviation
  • The Morris Leslie Group
  • Scottish Microlight Flight Training
  • Kingsfield Helicopters
  • The Gyrocopter Experience
  • Air Service Training
  • Staff & Volunteers from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance
  • Speedy Services (fencing)
  • Scotloo
  • A&D Bar Services
  • Gourlay Catering
  • Perth & District Pipe Band
  • Perth College Rhythm Wave Band
  • Perthshire Brass
  • Catalyst Event Production Services
  • Justin Kennedy on the microphone
  • Gordon MacKenzie – Sound
  • Perth Fire Department
  • And all our prize and auction donors and sponsors – far too many to mention here.

Thanks again for the great support of FlyRTW80 and SCAA - Dave McElroy

photo by Wallace Shackleton         SCAA Volunteers

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