flyRTW80 – The journey now into Segment 3

Mission flyRTW80 so far

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Haifa, Israel

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Right now Dave is in Israel for the weekend with John Cameron of Toronto who has joined him there for FlyRTW80′s continuing eastward voyage.
Brian Elcock of Welco Lumber, Vancouver, crossed the Atlantic with Dave.
Dave & Brian
Henric Endoff of Agenda, Stockholm, flew on FlyRTW80 from Scotland to Crete.
Dave & Henric Endoff of Agenda
Dave flew solo into Haifa Israel due to security requirements.
Dave flying into Haifa
Please donate to either SickKids or SCAA by clicking on the Donate button.
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In the meantime, the following collage of pictures summarises our journey so far:
DSC00450   Dave & Chris   DSC00466   DSC00477
DSC00485   DSC00490   DSC00492   Making friends
Dave & Brian   Dave & Brian 2   North Atlantic   Greenland to Iceland
C-FYHU landing 1a   C-FYHU landing 2   C-FYHU landing 2b   C-FYHU landing 3a
C-FYHU parked 3   Dave & James   Dave handshake   4-flags
16-Dave and the STV news crew   18-G-CDBS Bo.105, Scone-side   19-Dave and John Swinney   23-G-CDBS Bo.105 Scone & Comanche
6-cockpit and bears   5-ready and waiting   3-Depart Perth SCAA   Gap3
Gap4   Gap5   photo 1   photo 3
photo 8   10000ft   IMG_0087   approach into Heraklion
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This purpose of this journey is to raise funds for these two lifesaving organisations.
Dave and Chris are going flat out towards that objective.  Please consider supporting their efforts.

Flight tracking for flyRTW80 provided by Global Telesat Communications (GTC) – DeLorme inReach

CTCwebFlight tracking will be provided by Global Telesat Communications (GTC) of Poole, UK. GTC supplies a range of portable satellite voice, data and tracking solutions which provide communications services in areas of the world where regular methods of communication do not exist or are limited. These solutions include handheld satellite phones, personal and asset tracking devices and portable high speed broadband terminals, all of which work almost anywhere on the globe. GTC have provided a DeLorme inReach for flyRTW80, a handheld award-winning satellite communicator that uses the Iridium global satellite network to enable 2-way personal and SOS communications and remote Follow-me/Find-me tracking and location, anywhere in the world. This satellite tracker will transmit the location of C-FYHU every 10 minutes as it travels around the world, and these position reports will be available for all to see through GTC’s online mapping portal, which will be embedded into the flyRTW80 website. Full information on the inReach tracker can be found on their website.

Open Day at Perth Airport

Sunday, March 30, 2014  - 1 pm – 5 pm

A big THANK YOU to all who participated.

Despite the disappointing weather cards we were dealt, WE RAISED OVER £3,000 FOR SCAA.  This is more than enough to save the life of someone in the near future.  That someone could well be a friend, family member, customer or supplier of one of you who so selflessly helped to organise the event and deliver a fun day despite the contrary behaviour of the weatherman.

The music, the auctions and the tombola were all great, the mood was positive and all of us who were on hand had a great time despite the fact that scarcely an aircraft engine was heard.

Our thanks go out to all who contributed including many of the people from:

  • The Scottish Aero Club – members came through in quantity, and grand style, to make it look easy
  • ACS Aviation
  • The Morris Leslie Group
  • Scottish Microlight Flight Training
  • Kingsfield Helicopters
  • The Gyrocopter Experience
  • Air Service Training
  • Staff & Volunteers from Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance
  • Speedy Services (fencing)
  • Scotloo
  • A&D Bar Services
  • Gourlay Catering
  • Perth & District Pipe Band
  • Perth College Rhythm Wave Band
  • Perthshire Brass
  • Catalyst Event Production Services
  • Justin Kennedy on the microphone
  • Gordon MacKenzie – Sound
  • Perth Fire Department
  • And all our prize and auction donors and sponsors – far too many to mention here.

Thanks again for the great support of FlyRTW80 and SCAA - Dave McElroy

photo by Wallace Shackleton         SCAA Volunteers

2231SquadronATC   event1   pipers   music

music2   dave mic   clapping   smile Website gets Refreshed!

With less than a month and a half till launch date from Toronto Island’s Billy Bishop Airport undergoes a refresher.


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