Our Story

Our story begins with a personal connection. Wylie & Finn, Dave’s two grandsons, are Asperger’s Kids. "We’ve experienced the priceless support of health care organizations so we wish to give back." SickKids in Toronto is recognized as one of the world’s foremost paediatric health-care institutions. SCAA delivers front-line emergency care to the remote communities of Scotland and is funded solely by donations.

In 2014, Dave McElroy and Chris Elgar will circumnavigate the globe in their Comanche PA24-180.

FlyRTW80 proudly presents the incredible art of Yana Movchan for the benefit of SickKids

We are excited to announce that Yana Movchan, the celebrated Canadian-Ukrainian artist, has donated two superb original paintings which will soon be available by auction through a link on the FlyRTW80 website.



“Fly on the Wall” – 48” x 36” – Oil on Canvas, 2014 – Yana Movchan



Yana Two Guardians Nov 2013

“Still Life with Two Guardians” – 36” x 48” – Oil on Canvas, 2013 – Yana Movchan


Fly on the Wall is an iconic piece with an ironic link to our Round the World flight for SickKids.  Like the precious young people supported by our project, this painting is priceless.

Still Life with Two Guardians was shown in the exhibition, “Capture 2014:  Nova Scotian Realism” at The Dalhousie University Art Gallery in Halifax.

Yana has generously donated these two extraordinary original works of art to benefit SickKids.  Each has been independently appraised with a current fair market value of $38,000.  Yana has a loyal group of followers and is represented by a number of galleries in Rhode Island, Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Toronto, Halifax and  Miami.  Yana Movchan was born in Kiev in the Ukraine where she trained and received her MFA in painting from the Ukrainian Art Academy in 1995.  She has exhibited in public and commercial galleries in Canada, the United States and Europe.  Her work has featured in solo and group exhibitions in the Ukraine, Prague, London, Canada and the US.  Her most recent exhibitions have been at Art Hamptons in New York and the LA Art Show in California. Yana’s work is in the collection of the Glenn Gould Foundation and in numerous private collections worldwide.  She is based in Halifax, Canada, where she lives with her husband and two young sons.

FlyRTW80 and SickKids are delighted to announce that Heffel Fine Art Auctions, Canada’s leading art auction house, will include these paintings in their June, 2014, sale, concurrent with FlyRTW80’s flight around the globe for SickKids.  The auction will be open for bidding at www.heffel.com on June 5th and will close on Thursday, June 26th.   There will be a direct link to the site from www.flyrtw80.com.

The works can be viewed at Heffel Gallery, 13 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto. (Please note the address is Hazelton Avenue not Hazelton Lane.) 

$11,000 Raised for SickKids at FlyRTW80 April 23rd Fundraiser Event

Toronto flyRTW80 Fund-raising Event  - Wednesday April 23, 2014

130 people gathered at Harbour Square on the Toronto Waterfront to celebrate the upcoming departure of FlyRTW80 from Toronto Island’s Billy Bishop Airport on May 12th

2H0A4855Over $11,000 was raised for SickKids as a result of a flood of donations on the occasion and two simultaneous auctions – silent and live. Master of Ceremonies Ross Commerford presided over the evening’s entertainment and Toronto’s very own TAXI Band provided the (superb) music while friends and supporters of FlyRTW80 honoured SickKids and the two FlyRTW80 pilots with their presence and by opening up their wallets.

2H0A4940The gathering was treated to a surprising and delightful rendering of O Canada by seven-year-old Jackson Bynoe, son of Chantal Jackson, who, judging by his talent, will soon be appearing on American Idol or some-such.  His touching rendering of the national anthem was particularly poignant considering the beneficiary of the evening’s largess – SickKids Hospital. By the time his impromptu delivery ended, there were many damp eyes amongst the assembled guests.

Please follow Chris and Dave and they continue their frenetic activities ahead of the FlyRTW80 launch which will occur at precisely 11:00 Monday May 12th. The flight departure will be preceded by a press conference and other activities leading up to the takeoff. There will be TV and other press coverage in the remaining few days before this signal event – the first ever global circumnavigation from Toronto, and just the fourth in history by a Canadian.

FlyRTW80 thanks the following for their gifts, efforts and wholehearted support which made the evening – and the $11,000 result – possible.

  • Rene Viau
  • Ross Commerford
  • Matt Glowacki and his incredible TAXI Band
  • Dawn Moore
  • Ilona Crabbe
  • Cort McElroy
  • Loni Griffin – SickKids
  • Jib Strategic - David Shephard, Jillian Pyper, Chris Heffler, Cornelius Quiring, Eddie Ruminski
  • Norbord Inc. – Mike Dawson, Anne Michaud, Norman Flood, Bob Jackson and a host of others far too many to mention
  • Welco Lumber Ltd. – Brad Johansen, Brian Elcock
  • Rock Oasis Climbing Gym, Carlaw Street, for several Rock Climbing packages
  • Michelle Amerie for her Handpainted Gift Set
  • The Extension Room Distillery District for Personal Training Session packages
  • Barbara Howard for her unique custom jewellery
  • Mike Dawson for numerous gifts and donations
  • John Cameron for two books
  • The Yorkville Club for a Fitness Membership
  • The Toronto Symphony Orchestra for superb tickets
  • BFS Entertainment for valuable CD gift baskets
  • Jason Kearns Salon for Cut and Styling
  • David Rosen for the magnificent Landscape Painting
  • CAE for the 1 hour Flight Simulator package
  • Kaneff Golf for the Foursome
  • Beth Campbell for two magnificent paintings by Jack Reid & John Campbell
  • Michael Janzen for watercolour
  • Dorland-Haight Galleries of Milton for the incredible Blue Night painting
  • Chris Elgar for not just one but two flights in his globe-circling Comanche
  • The Glen Gould Foundation for a unique Yana Movchan portrait of Mr. Gould



Fly on The Wall

Yana Movchan (www.yanamovchan.com) & Gary McCallum for Fly on the Wall – a stunning original 48″ X 36″ Oil on Canvas painting soon to go on auction in June at Heffel – Canada’s Fine Art Auction House.  Watch this space for details on how to bid on this amazing, priceless piece – This painting has been valued close to $40,000 with all proceeds from the auction going to SickKids.









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Tikko™ Joins flyRTW80 Round the world in 80 days!

James Bigglesworth Bear will have a friend for the round the world in 80 days trip: tikkoPolar Bear!


Millions of families around the world are living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  In January 2013 10-year-old Dorian (who lives with ASD) decided to send his GANZ Webkinz  Polar Bear tikko™ out into the world to raise Autism Awareness.

Since then, tikko™ has travelled to Africa, Alabama, Alaska, Alberta, Amsterdam, Arizona, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Bolivia, British Columbia,  California, Caribbean, Carolinas, Cuba, China, Croatia, Dominican Republic, England, Florida, France, Georgia, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, Illinois, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kentucky, Korea, Manitoba,  Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Netherlands, Nevada, New Brunswick, New Jersey, New York City, Northwest Territories, Norway, Ohio, Ontario, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Peru, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhine Valley, Romania, Russia, Saskatchewan, Switzerland, Tawain, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington (DC); meeting celebrities Jim Carrey, Jeff Dunham, Devon Bostick; even Canada’s Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau.

Thrilled to be a “co-pilot” on the most exciting adventure to date, tikko™ joins Dave McElroy and Chris Elgars on their “Around the World in 80 Days” campaign to support Autism Awareness, while raising $500,000.00 for Toronto Sick Kids Hospital and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance!  tikko™ invites you to join the journey on May 12th by following tikkotravels.org.

Dorian and Tikko

Dorian and Tikko

James Bigglesworth Bear joins FlyRTW80, Round the world in 80 days!

James Bigglesworth Bear, the mascot of 2231 (Forfar) Squadron, Air Training Corps, will be flying around the world this summer in support of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA).

He will be carried as a passenger by Scottish Aero Club Chairman, Dave McElroy, in an epic 30,000 plus miles round-the-world-in-eighty-days flight in a single-engine Piper Comanche.

Dave McElroy began planning for the flight two years ago with the aim of raising funds jointly for SCAA and the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital in his native Canadian city.

At the same time, 2231 Squadron’s mascot, who is named after the famous ‘Biggles’ character in the Captain W.E. Johns’ adventure stories, has been attempting his own world record for the most number of different aircraft types flown by a teddy bear. To date he has more than 60 types recorded in his official logbook, including the iconic Spitfire and a Vulcan bomber. He has also flown supersonic in a Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter, looped-the loop with the Red Arrows and completed a parachute jump.

The Forfar cadets will be seeking sponsorship and undertaking other fundraising events in support of their mascot’s latest adventure. All proceeds will be donated to SCAA.

The round-the-world flight will leave from Perth Airport on Monday 19 May at 9 a.m. and is planned to be completed at Perth on 6 August at approximately 6 p.m. The aircraft will be fitted with a satellite tracking system, enabling supporters to follow the progress of Dave McElroy and James Bigglesworth Bear via the www.FlyRTW.com website.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance launched in May last year and is entirely supported by voluntary donations. From its base at Perth Airport it is able to reach 90 per cent of Scotland’s population within 25 minutes. It has already flown more than 20,000 miles and has been involved in more than 230 time-critical emergency call-outs.


SCAA Head Paramedic, John Pritchard (left) and round-the world pilot Dave McElroy (centre-with James Bigglesworth Bear) with cadets from Forfar and Arbroath (from nose to tail) Cadet Blair Strachan, Cadet Charlotte, Cadet Eilidh Kelly, Cadet Jay Grant, Cadet Sergeant Amanda Hutcheon and Cadet Flight Sergeant Michael Rose.

John Cameron, CEO of Terramec, joins Dave McElroy and flyRTW80 from Israel to Singapore

John Cameron

Project FlyRTW80 is pleased to announce that John Cameron of Toronto, CEO of Terramec Services International Ltd., an Estates Planning and Philanthropy organization, will be in the right seat of C-FYHU for the 5,200 nautical mile leg of RTW80, from Israel to Singapore, for 13 days in May/June.

John is delighted to be involved in this splendid globe-circling adventure to raise funds for Sick Children’s Hospital, and specifically for the cause of autism.  His family has rallied for Sick Children’s by providing $25,000 dollars, and will applaud John as he pays further dues by donating his time and expenses flying with Dave McElroy through Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, India and Thailand, and on to Singapore.

As a young man John joined the Royal Canadian Navy, and was to fly from HMCS Bonaventure but for a middle- ear problem.  After a full naval career in ships and on land, John later decided that enough was enough – and took on the air as well.  In his seventy-first year John first soloed, in a Cessna 152.  Now with over 100 hours logged, John will really learn to fly – with mentor and pilot-in command Dave egging him on.  “Always ready for a new challenge, I know that on my return in June it’ll be easy to answer that trite question ‘Hey, John, what’s new?’ ”.  In exchange for a donation to Sick Kids, I’ll answer that question – for each family member and friend who asks it.

For John this is the opportunity of a lifetime – to do well by doing good.