Chris Elgar, Pilot

chris1Chris is a baby boomer born in Great Britain after a long war that inspired huge advances in modern aviation. Growing up in the austere times of post-war Britain, one could only dream of being an aviator, but dreaming was free, so dream he did.

Engineering a great life
Starting out his career, Chris served an apprenticeship in the automobile engineering field, where he acquired much of the mechanical skill and knowledge he uses to this day. Through the 1960s, while serving his apprenticeship, Chris raced motorcycles semi-professionally throughout the UK and Europe, eventually becoming a manufacturer’s sponsored rider. His need for speed was established early in life.

Exit strategy deployed
At 23, Chris married and moved to Canada, where he worked in a variety of sales positions in industrial companies for many years. In 1988, he started his own industrial conveyor belt distribution company, MWE Belting, which was recently sold, thus freeing up time for his participation in the RTW80 Project.

Looking upward and onward
Chris Elgar-pilot-BIn 1985, having being dropped off in a private aircraft on a short business trip, he picked up a brochure on learning to fly. Realizing the cost was not as outrageous as expected – and a fraction of what it would have been in the UK – Chris enrolled for flying lessons, and six months later had his Private License. This, according to Chris’ instructor, was merely a license to learn, and he was proved right in the following decades.

Various private affairs with aviation
In 1990, craving his own aircraft, Chris entered into a long and rewarding Piper Comanche ownership partnership. During these two decades he qualified for his instrument rating and flew extensively across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. It was this that fueled, some 23 years later, the undertaking of the RTW80 project. Over the past 27 years, almost all of Chris’ 2,200 hours of flight time has been logged in Piper Aircraft, 1,700 of them in a Comanche. From 2007 to 2010, he completely rebuilt the aircraft Comanche C-FYHU from the ground up, complete with some valuable modifications. This is the machine that will carry our explorers around the planet.

Chris today
chris1oldChris lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife Rosella. He has two children, a daughter in Ontario and a son who lives in Brisbane, Australia with his three children. Chris also has a brother who lives in England. Chris’ hobbies include flying, fly-fishing, golf, aircraft maintenance & construction and staying young at heart and fit of course.