The Causes

Two charities – one tall order
RTW80 came about when two generous pilots combined their love of aviation with a pair of worthy causes close to their hearts. The beneficiaries – Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) – are located in each pilot’s respective home turf. One helps kids, by funding Autism and Asperger’s research – an area of medicine that’s chronically underfunded in North America. The other, SCAA, provides emergency air transportation in Scotland for the gravely ill and seriously injured. This service is 100% charity-funded and will save many lives annually by radically reducing travel times for those in serious need of medical care.

The fundraising goals C$500,000 (£300,000)
RTW80’s twin goals are to raise at least £150,000 (approx. C$250,000) for the SCAA and C$250,000 for the SickKids, for a minimum total of C$500,000.