The Mission

This RTW has twists
Starting in Toronto, the first leg of RTW80 jumps the Atlantic to Perth, Scotland ‘starting’ yet again in Perth,  for the Scottish portion of the tour. Back in Toronto 80 days after starting, the pilots cross the Atlantic a second time on to Perth to complete the last leg; the Scottish portion, also in 80 days. The aircraft will then cross the Atlantic a third time and be returned to Toronto.

The total journey will then equate to 1.3 circumnavigations

Two charities – one tall order
RTW80 came about when two generous pilots combined their love of aviation with a pair of worthy causes close to their hearts. The beneficiaries – Toronto’s SickKids Hospital, and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) – are located in each pilot’s respective home turf. One helps kids, by funding Autism and Asperger’s research – an area of medicine that’s chronically underfunded in North America. The other, SCAA, provides emergency air transportation in Scotland for the gravely ill and seriously injured. This service is 100% charity-funded and will save many lives annually by radically reducing travel times for those in serious need of medical care.

The fundraising goals C$500,000 (£300,000)
RTW80’s twin goals are to raise at least £150,000 (approx. C$250,000) for the SCAA and C$250,000 for the SickKids, for a minimum total of C$500,000.