The Route

The RTW Route
Chris and the aircraft, registration C-FYHU, are based at Burlington Airpark, Ontario, whereas Dave is based in Scotland. The fact that they will be flying for two separate charities – Sick Kids Foundation in Toronto and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance, based at Perth Airport, Scotland – makes for an interesting flight plan. It amounts to two overlapping round the world (RTW) flights equivalent to about 1.5 circumnavigations. Well over half of the entire circumnavigation will be flown over salt water with no land in sight. A draft route has been drawn up as below.


Sharing the Adventure
Dave will be flying the entire route, while Chris will likely participate in just one portion – the Australian segment. The pair has opened up the other segments, for those people who want to share in this exciting adventure in exchange for making a significant donation to either charity: $25,000 for SickKids or £15,000 for SCAA.

NOTE: flyRTW80 has developed a very specific itinerary, which results in a number of desired outcomes. The schedule includes fixed departure dates from Toronto and Perth in particular, and specific passing dates at some 57 airports around the world.
Achievement of the itinerary as written will result in arrivals back in Toronto and Perth precisely 80 days after departing from each – on May 12th and 19th respectively. The schedule is quite tight (shall we say ambitious), and is subject to weather and other operational considerations.Delorme-inReach-Satellite-Tracker There is utter certainty that there will be adjustments required enroute, most particularly around weather conditions. These can and no doubt will result in changes in both timings and routings as the journey progresses.
The flight will post regular updates to keep followers informed. Furthermore, flyRTW80 will broadcast its position every 10 minutes via live GPS tracking on this website while in the air. These updates will display speed, altitude and course.